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About ISO 5571

Cory Disbrow, Ryan Pastorino and Tom Bricker

Cory Disbrow, Ryan Pastorino and Tom Bricker

Created to dominate the universe as the greatest podcast ever recorded, ISO 5571 is a Disney photography podcast focused on excellence. It is the collaborative effort of Disney Photography Blog and Disney Tourist Blog (with website names like those, you can really tell they’re creative geniuses). The show stars Tom Bricker and Ryan Pastorino, with Cory Disbrow as the host trying to reign in these two geeks as they discuss the magic of Disney, the fun of photography, and the technical nuts and bolts of using your camera.

Some episodes of the podcast will devolve into technical treatises on ISO, focal length, and post processing applications, but your fearless podcast-stars promise to always come back to reality with some rousing conversation concerning the merits of futuristic metal palm trees.

Those with pre-existing medical conditions should consult their physicians before listening to ISO 5571. Listening may cause drowsiness or sudden bursts of excitement. For ISO 5571-induced Disney withdrawal lasting more than 4 hours, consult your doctor…or your travel agent.