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Episode 55 – Nighttime Shooting

Posted by on Feb 26, 2013

Episode 55 – Nighttime Shooting

Here are the awesome show notes for Episode 55, covering nighttime shooting.

We start out by covering the essential gear for nighttime photography, which is basically a remote and a tripod. For remotes, we use cheap wired remotes from Hong Kong–not the ridiculously overpriced first party ones. If the one at that link isn’t compatible with your camera, keep searching Amazon; you should be able to find one for <$15. You’ll want a wired remote for bulb mode shooting so you can “ghost” people out of your images.

For travel tripods, both Tom and Cory highly recommend the Luxi L Tripod. It used to go by the name Luxi F (only difference is color) and might now go by a totally different name. Basically, you want the one that’s ~63 inches tall.

We also discuss some other techniques, including manual focus and natural starbursts as a result of your aperture.

Then the show starts really getting awesome, as we discuss our favorite TV shows, alternate locations for Mater Topiary, and our Oscar picks.

At some point, Tom discusses editing in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop with Smart Objects. Here’s a great tutorial to supplement that.

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1 Comment

  1. I would like to add some advice for Disney night photography;
    Watch Duck Dynasty and Pawn Stars for your reality TV fix…

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