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Episode 56 – Flower and Garden Festival

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013

Episode 56 – Flower and Garden Festival

The 2013 Flower and Garden Festival just started at Epcot. This week Tom, Ryan and Cory discuss why this is one of the best times of year for photography at Epcot.

The gang is joined by the world famous “Mearn” of the Duffyngton Post to discuss the inspirational and legendary Mater Topiary, and what you should expect when photographing this year’s Flower & Garden Festival.

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  1. Guys, just so you know, Phineas and Ferb is great. Before I watched it, I thought that it was a Sponegebob type super-fast action, nonsense, and mean spirited (Family Guy), and it’s really not. It really fits Disney well – the characters are very earnest and P&F are really enthusiastic and imaginative. Also, in true Disney fashion, there is a ton of adult humor in the show that kids won’t get. Case in point: In one episode, one of the characters opens a dart gun from the packaging abd the instructions read like this: “This is a dart gun. There are many like it, but this one is yours”. My son loves it, and I don’t mind watching it with him.

    Now, that said, I don’t want to see them spread all over Future World.

  2. Just listening now to this cast and Tom is commenting on recycling the same toparies year after year and I can agree with him more that its annoying that they are doing this. Ive been to the F+G for 10 years now, in 3 weeks being my 11th year and noticed the same ones as well..I also hate how they are now dedicating the imagination walkway to World showcase as a Movie AD. They used to build amazing gardens over there..One year was a wicked cool water feature…But now year after year we have to suffer with an advertisement.

    They really used to mix things up year after year but thanks to money we dont get that anymore.
    Its either money or theres no imagination left in WDI seeing that everything is turning into a Pixar themed area all over disney. I wish they would bring back the creativity that has been lost.

    One more thing…How wide would you recommend. I have a 12-24 available to me or a nice prime 31 limited lens. If i had to pick one of the 2 to bring to the festival which do you recommend..

  3. What….no Sophia the First topiary???? She must be a communist….I knew there was a reason I didn’t like her. ;)

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